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TOF Paris was founded in 2016 by Sylvain. The brand's aesthetic is inspired by Parisian life, parties, night life and entertainment. TOF Paris is an innovator, experimenting with unusual fabrics and silhouette remaining at the cutting edge of “Party Fashion”.

TOF Paris was founded in late 2015 by Sylvain. Born in Cameroon in 1977, in a very modest family, at a very young age, Sylvain was inspired by his seamstress mother, and had begun to design his own patterns by the age of 10.Feeling obliged to study law, he obtained a PhD and lectured at the University of Douala. In 2005, he decided to move to France to make his childhood dream come true: that of becoming a fashion designer. He took courses in fashion design and persevered, despite the reservations of his friends and family. Fascinated by the world of parties, night life and entertainment, Sylvain brought out new designs in 2016 which soon became very popular in clubs and festivals. Since then, TOF has remained at the cutting edge of “Party Fashion”. Each year, TOF Paris innovates with new designs and amazing fabrics: French lace, glitter, fluorescent, "metallic" materials, etc. The imagination is boundless, and success is guaranteed on the dance floor.

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